Villa Sant'Uberto

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Einige Veranstaltungen in der Gegend um die Villa St. Hubert, einschließlich der Palio di Siena, die Bezirke Feste, Essen und Wein, Konzerte, Festivals, Festivals, Kunstausstellungen, Sportwettbewerbe, historische Ereignisse und vieles mehr.

  • Radda nel bicchiere 2020

    Radda in Chianti Pro Loco Association will welcome you on the 23 and 24 May 2020 for the 25th edition of “Radda nel Bicchiere 2019”.

  • The Palio di Siena

    Colors, crowds, festive shouts, a square covered in yellow turf, 10 horses mounted bareback by 10 jockeys: all together for a race that last just a few seconds. For those that see it for the first time, this is the Palio. Instead, for the people of Siena, it is life, passion and history. It is the miracle of a game that becomes real life, where there is space for joy, pain, courage, plotting, loyalty and betrayal. It’s a medieval inheritance. On the July 2nd (Palio of the Madonna di Provenzano) and on August 16th (Palio of the Assunta), the city of Siena is put into turmoil and the Palio becomes the center of attention for all the citizens. The Palio di Siena, It's not a horse race; it's a way of life....

  • Eroica

    The great adventure of L'Eroica is not an event that takes place only the first Sunday of October. In fact, the cycling classic on gravel roads for excellence is available throughout the year with the Permanent Path from Gaiole in Chianti that extends for 209 km in a fascinating theory of places and atmospheres that are followed through villages and vineyards, woods and olive groves, squares and pastures that poets and artists have tried to capture in their works and that the cyclist pedaling discovers after pedaling in a joy without end. The route of "L'Eroica" runs through some of the most beautiful streets of the Chianti Senese area, the Val d'Arbia and the Val d'Orcia; But the highlight is represented by those stretches of still existing white roads that cross the gentle hills of Siena, that allow to relive the atmosphere of vintage cycling....

  • Chianti Classico Expo

    Weekend of celebration what is shaping up to Greve in Chianti in September, for the next edition of the Expo Chianti Classico, an event promoted by the City of Greve in collaboration with the Chianti Classico Consortium with the participation of many farms. In Matteotti square Greve wine will not be the only star to attract the palate of lovers and wine tourists. Sharing the stage of good living Chianti will be the typical Chianti products including olive oil, cheeses, cold cuts, which can be tasted during the festival.

  • Open Wine Cellars (Cantine Aperte)

    If you love wine and wine tastings, the weekend you can not miss falls on May: Cantine Aperte (Open Wine Cellars) returns with events in all the wine producing areas of Tuscany. The event, promoted by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscana, is one of the most popular wine tourism events for the general public of all ages. Even if you are not a sommelier or a wine expert, every year on this weekend in late May, you can taste excellent bottles and you can learn about their properties through the producers' voices. The major wineries of Chianti and the surroundings host couples, families and groups for wine tasting for free or at reduced rates.